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Our mission is to provide compassionate hands-on medical and material assistance to survivors of natural disaster with a special concentration on supporting sustainability in vulnerable and isolated communities within our areas of operation.


Management Team
Rick Cameron - CEO
Chris Ranken - CFO
Adam Bailey - Secretary
Phillip Bailey - Admin

Indonesian Advisory Board
Roberthyl Saogo - Zukri Saad
Zola Pandu

International Advisory Board
Chris Ranken
Aliza Weinman
Rick Cameron
Jane Liddon
Dr Derek Allen
Lyn Chambers
Gerard Dijkstra
Adam Bailey
Mick Stevens
Justine Boow
Michael Fay
John DeJose
Micko O'Byrne
Liebeth Goedhart 


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Island Aid was formed by a group of volunteer first responders to the 2004 boxing day tsunami. We chartered an 800 ton ship and delivered over 650 tons of aid support to isolated communities in Aceh and Nias.


Island Aid is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) California Not for Profit Corporation (Federal EIN ID 20-2350414, California ID C2630876).
US Mailing Address: 450 Taraval St #110, San Francisco, California, 94116 USA +1-415-413-7441 Email:
Sumatra Field Office: +62 751 767888 Webhosted Fax: +61 8 63652864 Skype:  elmaceh