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BNPB and Indonesian Navy, Red Cross together with Mercy Corps, Surf Aid and several other large NGOs have mobilized a fleet of boats to deliver emergency aid to west coast villages in Pagai . Red Cross IOM and other UN agencies are funding helicopters to improve aid delivery. The scale of the emergency response is very encouraging but cyclone Anggrek disrupted deliveries for over one week with gale force winds and heavy seas. Our donor partners have decided not to fund any additional boats at this stage but focus on medical clinics, the purchase of shelter materials and tool kits.

Click on this map for a larger version.

Mentawai Tsunami Map

Island Aid is now working with Troppodoc to establish a clinic and aid post in South Sipura at Katiet. Most Government shipping and aid is now focused on Sikakap 50miles south and very little support is arriving in South Sipura. The cost of this aid post will be far lower than chartering a boat. Our cargo boat Yelsie and beach landing boats will be moved to Katiet when the weather permits. There are daily flights from Padang to Rokot and ferries to Tua Pejat and Sioban.

We are also working on a second project aimed at saving lives in coastal communities in the Mentawais and along the west coast of Sumatra. The "Tsunami Survival Pod" project requires modest funds for prototype testing and development. Once tested donors will be able to donate a TSP unit to families in target communities.

There is no point trying to send material goods to Padang because of the shipping costs and delays. We can source everything we need in Padang. What is needed is cash donations and our Pay Pal button is set up in the right hand column on each page of this website. Virtual and field volunteers with appropriate skills are welcome to apply to Island Aid via our
"Contact" page. Please tell us about your skills and experience. Field volunteers will be asked to contribute to cover the cost of their accommodation in Padang or Mentawai.