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Island Aid + Troppodoc have a team in Mentawai delivering aid and running clinics. This is a proven approach that we have developed over the past 5 years in Aceh, Nias and the West Sumatran earthquakes. In Mentawai the greatest challenge is transport. The islands have only rough logging trails and so aid must be delivered by boat. The scale of this disaster is much smaller than Aceh and there is a public ferry service to the main ports so we have mobilized our small cargo motor boat, 2 rented motor bikes and our speedboats to maintain support to some of the worst hit villages.

Aid landingYelsie & SpeedboatTsunami impact
This is Island Aid’s priority list to support Mentawai tsunami survivors:
  • 7 ton Cargo / Transport Boat - including fuel, crew, food for crew, clearance paperwork US$100/day
  • 6m Speedboat with 40HP Outboatd including fuel - US$25/day
  • Hygiene Kit - Soap, bucket, bowl, tooth brushes, towel - US$5 /family
  • Tool Kit - Handsaw, Jemmy bar, Hammer, Assorted nails. - US$15.00
  • Kitchen Kit - Wok, Saucepan, cutlery, mugs - US$25.00
  • Shelter Kit - Kerosene Lamp, Tarp, rope - US$25.00
  • Motorbike hire and fuel US$15/day
The team will work in the Pagai area for several days and then move to South Sipura.
Your help will make a big difference.

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